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My 1st radio interview! And it's with the FIRST Reality TV star, Heathe B., from The Real World Season 1!
In my DJ Khaled voice, "Are you noticing all the 1's?" Ha! LOL
Heather B. from Sway In The Morning has her OWN radio show called The Happy Hour With Heather B. on SiriusXM FLY.
You can watch the full interview here:
Woman To Woman Wednesdays on The Happy Hour With Heather B.

Nicole Russell on The Happy Hour With Heather B.


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Last Dragon Pizza was featured on the very first "Pilot Light" podcast for Homemade! So awesome! I shout a few people out. Give it a listen and please SHARE! Listen here: http://bit.ly/1U5dXeQ


Fresh off their Shark Tank win, GreenBox posted a blog about winning and mentioned Last Dragon Pizza!
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Pizza aficianado Adam Kuban, formerly of SeriousEats.com and current owner of Margots Pizza,
added Last Dragon Pizza to his "8 Pizzas That Haunt My Dreams 2015" list. We are so honored.
This blog can be found online here: http://www.adamkuban.com/2015/12/8-pizzas-that-haunt-my-dreams-2015/


Paula DiGoia, blogger for The Glorified Tomato, loves Queens' eats and couldn't wait to try Last Dragon Pizza! This blogpost by The Glorified Tomato can be found here: